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Directions to the Basketball Gym

Hello everyone.  As you all know, we have Basketball this Saturday.  That means Industrial Athletics will be closed.  If you want a good workout, come get an alternate workout through sports.  Katy, our Carnegie Mellon liaison, has sent the following message about finding the gym and parking for Saturday morning:

So here is the campus map:

Skibo Gym is #27. If you search Skibo Gym on Google Maps it will usually pop up, but it is located on Tech and Frew Streets. Parking is available in front of Skibo down the hill, and also going up the brick hill beside the gym. 

The best entrance to go up is the “top” event entrance. If you are looking at Skibo, there are going to be 3 entrances. Go to the door all the way to the right, or up the hill (it is the one closest to Scheneley Park and there should be a sign by the door that says event entrance). 

I plan to get there about 9 to unlock everything and I will try to be outside if anyone has any questions on where to go, but that should be a good general idea of where to go.

Thanks for the information Katy.  If you have not signed up for Basketball yet, make sure you do so.  We will be creating teams on Friday.