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DUs, MUs, and Snatches for 12/20/2017

By December 19, 20172 Comments

Today’s WOD is on the longer side of AMRAPs.  However, the WOD itself is rather complex in it’s level of skill.  The DUs will go quickly and will get your heart and lungs pumping.  However, the Muscle Ups and Snatches will likely slow down as the WOD goes on because of general fatigue.  Do your best to push through the fatigue and keep moving.

Industrial Athletics WOD for 12/20/2017:

AMRAP 25 Min:
40 DU’s
10 Bar MUs
5 Snatches (135/95)

6:30pm – Olympic Lifting with Forged Steel Weightlifting Club 

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  • Scaling:

    Platinum: As written above.

    AMRAP 25 Min:
    30 DU’s
    7 Bar MUs
    5 Snatches (115/75)

    AMRAP 25 Min:
    30 DU’s or 90 SUs
    10 CTB Pullups (may use band)
    5 Snatches (95/75)

    AMRAP 25 Min:
    75 SU’s
    10 Jumping CTB Pullups
    5 Snatches (75-55/55-35)

  • JIM C. says:

    Pure Brass!!
    8 rounds – That was a long one!