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Expressing Fitness in Another Way

Two members of the Industrial Athletics Community were expressing fitness in a different way recently.  We are very excited to announce that they placed very well in a recent Natural Physique Committee Competition held here in Pittsburgh.  In the 2015 Natural Eastern USA Championship, JP Caldwell took 2nd place in his division, and our Road Warrior Boot Camp instructor Vanessa Matthews took 1st place in her division.

JP has competed in this type of competition before and spent months preparing through exercise and diet.  It is a true discipline.  He said that CrossFit helped him develop the shoulder and back muscles that he needed.  Here he is at his finest:



For Vanessa, this was her first competition and she placed 1st in the True Novice Division.  She plans to continue to train through her boot camp classes and enter the Open division this October.



Way to go JP and Vanessa!