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In our latest episode of the Stronger Revolution, we sat down with our Athlete of the Month for February 2022. We started our conversation with Kristen Perry learning more about where she was from and what brought her to Pittsburgh. However, we soon learned that Kristen has a passion for photography. As a side hustle, Kristen has done all kinds of photography: weddings, engagement, sporting events, etc. While she loves taking pictures of all kinds, however, her true passion lies in a type of photography you may not know much about. Kristen loves Boudoir photography.

Throughout our interview, Kristen talks about this niche of hers and why she loves it. She found that she loves the process of helping people find their inner confidence. A common misconception about Boudoir photography is that you only do it to give the pictures to someone else to enjoy. Quite the contrary, Kristen says, many of her clients do it for themselves.

As a podcast dedicated to improving our lives by 1% everyday, we love hearing stories like this. Kristen has found a passion in her life. It is an art that she works toward betterment everyday. It is a skill through which she can give back to help others improve their lives.

We closed our interview talking with Kristen about her fitness. As one of our hybrid clients, Kristen participates both in private training sessions and small group classes. Through her private training, she has worked toward her goals and has learned much more about herself than she ever imagined.

To learn more about Kristen, check out the full episode of the Stronger Revolution.