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COVID-19 shut down the world and changed industries, some permanently. We still remember the days when we could not open Industrial Athletics to the public. We had to pivot an entire business model from a Community built on in-person fitness to virtual training at home. In an effort to stay ahead of the changing business model, companies started launching marketing campaigns designed for working out in new ways. We saw companies like Peloton reach new levels of revenue success. Other companies tried to quickly create ways to reach people at home who wanted to stay fit, like the Mirror. However, through the panic, those of us who built a business in brick or mortar know one thing: people want to be together and need a group and accountability to accomplish goals.

From Home to the Gym

In our latest episode of The Stronger Revolution, we sat down with one of our members. He’s been a part of the IA Community for a year, joining after COVID. Before joining IA, he worked out at home with some equipment and a doorway pullup bar. However, he started to find limitations. He just couldn’t reach his goals without professional coaching and a professional facility. So, he reached out for a No Sweat Intro, and he’s been seeing a steady increase in his fitness ever since.

Check out our episode to learn more about Kurt and his dog Pax!