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Years ago, our Athlete of the Month for June 2022 joined Industrial Athletics. However, after some failed starts, Mike Hennessy just couldn’t get fitness into the rhythm of his life. Then, COVID shut down the world and Mike found himself stuck at home. It was time to create a new routine.

During the shutdown, we reached out past members to see how we could help. Sure enough, adding fitness into his life was exactly what Mike needed. He had a wonderful at-home setup full of weights and a bow-flex. That’s all we needed. Every week during the mandated shut down, and for a time after, Mike and Coach Matt met over Zoom on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It wasn’t ideal. However, it was just what Mike needed.

Today, Mike is still a private training client at IA. However, now, he’s in person. Three days a week he shows up to put in the work with Coach Leslie.

Want to learn more about Mike? Check out our latest podcast episode on The Stronger Revolution. Did we mention he’s in a band??????