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Our Athlete of the Month for July 2022, Pritish, is a doctor. He specializes in cancer and blood diseases. So, he sees people at the worst and often talks to them on the worst day of their life. Why is it the worst day of their life? Because he is often the person who tells them that they have cancer. Sometimes, it’s even a life sentence. Pritish told us in a recent interview that while he loves his job, sometimes he can’t shake the feeling of telling someone such life-altering news.

However, Pritish has some good advice amongst all of this bad news. Get up and get moving.

That’s it! It’s that simple. Unfortunately, this advice makes Pritish an outlier as a doctor. Modern medicine usually gives you a pill and sends you home. However, Pritish has seen, and continues to see, the benefits of simply moving. Humans are built to move. So, whenever a patient comes into his office, part of his prescription is add exercise to your life.

Oh, did you know that anemic people have a desire to eat dirt?