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HSPUs, KB Swings, TTB, and STO for 7/10/2017

We are starting off this week with a shoulder blaster.  Last week may have felt a little leg intensive.  That was to be expected.  Today’s WOD will test the endurance of your shoulders.  A rather small muscle group, the shoulder is also the most mobile joint in the body.  That also means it is the most unstable.  Therefore, a lot of energy is used stabilizing that joint and that explains why the shoulders burn out so quickly.  Maintaining good movement standards through the KB Swings and TTB will help utilize other areas of the body that will conserve some of the energy.

Industrial Athletics WOD for 7/10/2017:

Gymnastics Skill Work:
0:15: Isometric Pullup Hold
0:20: Rest

For Time:
25 HSPUs
50 KB Swings (1.5/1)
50 TTB
25 STO (155/105)

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  • Scaling:

    Platinum: As written above.

    For Time:
    20 HSPUs (raised target)
    50 KB Swings (1.25/1)
    35 TTB
    20 STO (135/95)

    For Time:
    20 Piked HSPU
    40 KB Swings (1/0.75)
    35 Hanging Leg Raises
    20 STO (115-95/75-65)

    For Time:
    20 DB Shoulder Press (25/15)
    40 KB Swings (0.75/0.5)
    35 Lying Leg Raises
    20 STO (75/55)