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Intramural CrossFit Open Competition

By January 23, 2017No Comments

Every year the CrossFit Games is at the end of July or beginning of August.  To qualify for the CrossFit Games, every athlete must start with the CrossFit Open.  For the rest of us, who aren’t qualifying for the Games, the Open is a fun yearly competition where we get to compare our fitness to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

To foster Community and interaction between members who may never see each other, this year, we are creating an internal competition out of the Open.  We are going to create teams made up of members from all different classes and all different skill levels.  Each week, we will offer the Open WODs on Saturday mornings from 9am to noon.  Teams can come to IA and do the WODs together.  We will keep a leaderboard in the main office.  At the end of the Competition, the winning team will get a prize.

Registration is open now and will close on January 31.  Registration costs $5.00.  Each week, the participants can pick from the RX or scaled WOD.  Those who attempt the WOD RX will receive bonus points.  The Open starts the last week of February and a new WOD is released every week through March.  Participation in our Competition requires the $5.00 registration, but does not require registration through CrossFit.