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Recently, we sat down with our Athlete of the Month for January 2022: Thom Harr. He is a relatively new member at Industrial Athletics, joining in February 2021. During our interview, we talked with Thom not only about why he joined, but also why he’s stayed.

Thom has been active his entire life. Before joining Industrial Athletics, he sports of choice were running and riding his bike. However, he kept hearing about CrossFit from his fiends. He also watched as many of his friend joined CrossFit gyms and started seeing massive gains in their fitness. So, he finally took the leap.

When he walked into Industrial Athletics for his initial meeting with the owner, Thom said the “Safe Space” sign on the desk made him feel at ease, almost instantly. He knew that he was in an environment that supported him as an individual and wouldn’t judge him. However, the biggest factor in falling in love with IA came a couple of months later.

In the Spring of 2021, we were losing one of our coaches. She decided to move to Colorado to pursue the next step in her career. The IA Community came together to throw her a going away party. Thom, still new, decided to come check it out. He also brought his son. As he talks more about on the Podcast, the IA Community shocked him. He talks about how the Community instantly made his son feel right at home. Thom started to relax and realized his son was in safe, and fun, hands. He was able to relax, have fun, and really enjoy himself.

Thom’s experience with the IA Community echos sentiments we here a lot. Yes, you will be fitter than ever before after you join Industrial Athletics. But, it is the supportive environment that will keep you coming back for more. We don’t care whether you are in shape or starting from the beginning. We focus on you, where you are today, and help you find your best.