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James Bond WOD for 9/4/2017

By September 3, 2017No Comments

First Annual:

The Dog Who Loved Me

A fundraiser to honor James Bond and raise money to help animals

No, we don’t mean the Secret Agent, 007, who worked for the British Secret Service.  James Bond was our beloved Greyhound mascot who died last year from cancer.  From the time we opened the gym, to his death, James was a constant figure at the gym.  He even traveled with us to Competitions.

Last year, after we had to put him down, we dedicated the Labor Day WOD to him.  After the WOD, someone suggested we make the event a yearly fundraiser to benefit non-profits that help animals.  This year is the first year for our Annual Labor Day Fundraiser.

During today’s WOD, we will be accepting donations the benefit the Greyhound Health Initiative.

The WOD will be at 10am ONLY.

“James Bond”
AMRAP 5 Min x 4
1 Parking Lot Sprint
100 Ski Jumpers
40 Burpees
40 HP Cleans (95/65)
ME Ski Jumpers
Rest 2 Min