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January 2015 CrossFit Fundamentals Program

By December 19, 2014No Comments

With everything going on at Industrial Athletics, December is flying by.  That also means 2014 is coming to an end and a new year is right around the corner.  New Years often comes with the choice to make life changes that include adding a fitness program.  If you, or someone you know, has tried to get in shape as a New Years Resolution in the past, but failed, give CrossFit a try this year.  As a fitness program that is spreading like wildfire around the world, we have what is necessary to keep you on track to lose weight, get stronger, get in shape, or whatever your fitness goal is.

At Industrial Athletics, we offer a beginner program for anyone who has never done CrossFit before, our CrossFit Fundamentals Program.  The January 2015 CrossFit Fundamentals Program will begin on Monday, January 5th.  It is a 5 class program that will slowly introduce you the basic movements, standards, and methodology of CrossFit.  Each class is 1 hour long and meets at either 6am or 5:30pm on M/W/F of the first week of the month and M/W of the second week.  Once you complete all 5 classes in a row, you may join our regular CrossFit class for the remainder of the month on a 3-day a week pass.  It is the perfect package deal to get into CrossFit, learn all about it, and join our community . . . all in 4 weeks.  85% of people who start CrossFit through the Fundamentals Program at Industrial Athletics sign up for a second month.

To reserve your spot, follow the instructions on our “Getting Started” Page: