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June 2015 CrossFit Fundamentals Program

Every month, Industrial Athletics offers its CrossFit Fundamentals Program as the best way to start CrossFit.  CrossFit is a functional fitness program designed to use high intensity movement to help you reach your goals, regardless of your goals.  This entry-level program is designed to introduce you to the basic movements that we use on a daily basis and teaches you proper form and proper range of motion in a small class environment.

The June 2015 CrossFit Fundamentals Program will start on Monday, June 1, 2015.  The Program consists of 5 classes, each lasting 1 hour, that meet on M/W/F of the first week and M/W of the second week.  The Program is offered at 6am and 5:30pm to help accommodate everyone’s busy schedule.  You must attend all 5 classes, and then you may join the regular CrossFit class for the remainder of the month on a 3 day a week pass.

To sign up for the June 2015 CrossFit Fundamentals Program and reserve your spot, head over to our “Get Started” page:  If you have any questions about the Program, feel free to give us a call at 412-465-0060.