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Labor Day

September has arrived.  The first day of September is Labor Day, and most businesses are closed.  So, is Industrial Athletics.  It has been a while since we closed, so take a day off and enjoy it.  We will be back open tomorrow, Tuesday, with our regular schedule and a nice AMRAP on the schedule.

Don’t forget, the September CrossFit Fundamentals Course starts next Monday, the 8th.  The Fundamentals Course is a 5 week program that introduces new members to CrossFit.  In those 5 classes, you will cover the basic movements that we use on a daily basis, proper form, and proper range of motion standards.  Each class is an hour long.  You may attend at 6am or 5:30pm.  The 5 classes meet on M/W/F of the first week, and M/W of the second week.  You must complete all 5 classes in order before you can graduated.  Once graduated, you may join our regular CrossFit Class for the remainder of the month on a 3-day a week pass.

In order to sign up, head over to our MindBody Enrollment HERE.