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Limiting Beliefs

By September 1, 2021No Comments

Through our Podcast, the Stronger Revolution, we try to maximize our life by advancing 1% everyday. However, there are unforeseen forces at work that are holding us back. Throughout our life, various experiences shape who we are, and who we will become. These experiences form our personalities, our morality, and our beliefs.


A belief is an acceptance that a statement is true or something exists. Beliefs may be rooted in fact, but are often not. Because beliefs are often based on assumptions we make about reality, they can be limiting. Our beliefs can hold us back and prevent us from advancing 1% every day.

Limiting Beliefs

The only way we can overcome limiting beliefs is by recognizing and accepting that they exist. With that new awareness, we can take steps to change them. It is very hard to recognize limiting beliefs in ourselves. Thus, we need to be open enough to accept when others bring them to our attention. Here are three common limiting beliefs you may be suffering from:

  1. What Does Kill You Makes You Weaker: This is rooted in the belief that life should be easy. Humans are creatures of comfort. We don’t like it when things are hard. So, we often take the easy route and complain when life seems harder than we expected. However, we don’t grow when life is easy. We only grow through adversity.
  2. Always Trust Your Feelings: Feelings are simply our response to a situation. Feelings are often irrational and spontaneous. We cannot measure feelings and they are easily influenced and changed. The way you feel about a situation is not the reality of that situation. Question your feelings and put them to the test.
  3. Life is a Battle Between Good and Evil People: We love to place labels on people. We like that person, we don’t like that person. That person is good and moral. That person is evil. The problem is that we often take one characteristic about a person and use that as their permanent label. We then gravitate only toward people who share our same opinions and beliefs. This has a snowball effect of increasing our limitations. Instead, we should focus on the good in people and avoid initial judgments of others based on our feelings (see #2 about feelings).

Take some time to reflect on these limiting beliefs and pay attention to your life each day. Do you suffer from these beliefs? If so, awareness is the first step to change. For more information about this topic, check out our podcast episode.