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A Little Q and A for MindBody

By February 11, 2014No Comments

Following our announcement of adding the MindBody service, we have received a few questions.  We will address some of those questions below.  If you have a specific question regarding the service, please make sure you ask one of our coaches.

1.  Where do I sign up?  In order to sign up for a MindBody profile, you must go to our MindBody page.  From there, you will create a profile.

2.  When I try to sign up for a membership, I only have two options.  Where are the rest?  The MindBody system is a little confusing when it comes to memberships.  The “Services” tab applies to monthly or one-time purchases.  All regular memberships (unlimited, 3 days a week, and couples) are covered under “Contracts” because they will all be automatic renewals.  This will eliminate the need for us to track down our members for payment every month and will eliminate the need for our members to have to remember to sign up.  All of our membership options and links can be found on our “Membership” page on our website.

3.  Will you really be capping classes?  This is an understandable concern and one that we will address as we grow and continue to meet our membership needs.  For now, we will not be capping classes.  We do not plan to cap classes in the near future.  The only class that may require a cap is 5:30pm.  Right now, that class is consistently large.  Space has not become a problem, but equipment has.  Also, it is difficult for one coach to provide 15 people with top notch training and attention.  While capping that class may be inconvenient for some people, it will guarantee that we are able to continue to provide a top notch service.

4.  If you aren’t going to cap classes, then why do I have to sign up?  The requirement to sign up for classes in advance is something that we will continue to push for multiple reasons.  First, by signing up, we are able to better plan for classes.  Coaches will be able to adjust warmups and workouts better by knowing in advance how many people will be in class.  Second, we can track class attendance.  This will allow us to see what times are best suited for our members and help us determine when to possibly add classes.  Third, it will help us determine when we need to expand our space and what equipment to purchase.  Fourth, it will help you attend more classes.  If you have to sign up in advance, you will feel more accountable to show up.  Fifth, for those on punch cards, you will no longer have punch cards at the gym, it will all be tracked through MindBody.

5.  I tried to sign up for a class, but it won’t let me.  Am I doing something wrong?  No, this is one of those issues that we will be working out as we go.  If you paid by cash or check for February, we have not told MindBody that you are a member.  We will be making those changes as the month progresses.  Also, as we transition to more credit card payments, this issue will be eliminated.

We hope that this helps clear up some questions.  If you have more, do not hesitate to ask.  We want this to be a smooth transition and not one that causes stress and inconvenience.  That is why we are taking 2 months to fully transition to MindBody.