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Making Health a Priority

By October 12, 2021No Comments

In the latest episode of The Stronger Revolution, we sat down with our Athlete of the Month for October 2021. We started our conversation with Brandon Mohr about his occupation as an attorney. We painstakingly worked through the legal landscape of insurance law and what he does on a day-to-day basis.

Then, we jumped into the juicy stuff about Brandon’s fitness. Before CrossFit, Brandon was a runner. He’s completed multiple full marathons and returned to running during the COVID shutdowns of 2020. Brandon told us about how he found CrossFit through a fellow attorney when he was working in New York. He and his coworker would go to CrossFit at night after getting off work, and he fell in love with it quickly. After moving to Pittsburgh with his wife and two children, he found his way to Industrial Athletics, and has been with us ever since. While he started at IA attending the evening classes, these days he primarily attends the 7:15am class before heading to work.

Throughout our conversation with Brandon about his history in fitness, there was one underlying theme. Time is not on Brandon’s side, but he makes his health a priority. Brandon has every excuse to skip the gym. He works full-time, his spouse works full-time, and he has two young kids at home. The only place he can squeeze in a workout during his day is at 7:15am, a time he admits he doesn’t like. It’s not about finding the time, Brandon agrees, it is about setting your priorities.

Check out the full episode to hear our full interview with Brandon Mohr.