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What If I’m Too Busy?

Today’s blog is for the individuals who are extremely busy. This may be due to work, travel or pleasure. What if you simply do not enjoy meal planning/prepping. What if your career as a professional doesn’t allow you the time? Below I have listed a few tips for those of you who fall under this category.

One Pot Meals 

This strategy has helped many clients in the past. The idea is to try and find some easy meals that are quick to make. These meals only require one pot to make. Some examples may be bowls, soups and pasta dishes. This strategy will help to keep your kitchen or cooking area clean. Also, these meals tend to take less time to prepare and often provide more than one day of meals. Try and find recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

Go-To Dish 

What are your go to dishes? Get those groceries first and always have them in the house. Choose between 3 – 5 meals that are staples in your home. Ensure that you always have the ingredient so that you can make them on a weekly basis. Making sure that those items are always in the cabinet or refrigerator will help with the stress of meal planning. You know that you always have some ingredients to make a quick meal no matter what. 

Shop With Purpose 

When grocery shopping, make sure to purchase items for specific meals on your list and avoid impulse buys. Before each trip, have a list of items for only those specific meals. Never go to the store without a plan. This will allow for less waste. In the same sense, always make sure to have fruits and vegetables that you can enjoy for snacks when you have cravings. 

Establish Non-negotiables 

When I mention a non-negotiable, I mean something that you will not budge on no matter what situation may occur. This might include a dietary restriction, specific meal or drink. It is something that you will not go against not matter how bare your cabinets are or whether or not you’ve had a bad day. This may include not drinking during the week, only eating out on Fridays, or simply drinking a glass of water before each meal. These are essential to staying on track to hitting your fitness goals even when you don’t have the detailed structure of a meal planning routine.