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Meet the Member: Cara Mia Pinto

This is Cara Mia Pinto.  If we recall correctly, Cara came to us through a referral.  Honestly, she’s been with us so long, we can’t really remember.  She may be one of the hardest working people we know.  She is a patent attorney at a top international law firm here in Pittsburgh.  Specifically, she works in IP Procurement and Portfolio Management.  That’s a mouthful.  However, she still makes time for her fitness.  We’ve always believed that fitness is a primary assistant in managing stressful work lives.  This must be true for her because she is always smiling and positive.

One thing everyone knows about Cara is that she always smells like fresh laundry.  Seriously, we don’t know how she does it.  She claims she doesn’t do anything special, but you know when she is in the gym because there is an air of freshness.