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It is the time of year for change.  2021 is coming to a close and 2022 is right around the corner.  People are planning for the new year and what changes they will make so 2022 is better than 2021.  New Years Resolutions are hot and great for motivation.  Recently, we’ve been talking about why you need to use that motivation to start your change NOW and not in a few weeks.  Motivation is powerful!  You are ready to set this new change as a priority in your life.  So, before your motivation waivers, before new priorities are set, take the next step:  Action. 

You Have To Do Something Different

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  And, that’s what most of us do.  We tell ourselves that we want to make a change.  We want to eat healthier, we want to workout more, we don’t want to get angry at work anymore.  However, we don’t actually do anything differently.  We maintain our same daily routine and hope it will work this time.  Hope is not a strategy.  

You Need Help Changing

Some people won’t make changes to their life because they don’t know how.  They don’t know how to change their routine.  Or, they don’t know what to eat to improve their diet.  Some people won’t make changes because they are afraid of failure.  However, it is through trying, failing, learning, and trying again that we ultimately move forward.  

In both instances, you need a coach, someone experienced who can be an unbiased third party to direct you down the right path to change.  Sticking to the same unsuccessful routine is easy.  It doesn’t require any thought or focus.  However, it also won’t bring actual positive change to your life.  So, we will say it again, strike now while the iron is hot.  Take action to change your current routine and form a new healthy habit.