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Moving Outline

By February 16, 2016One Comment

With only a couple of days until we move, people are asking for more and more details about how the move will take place.  We will start on Thursday at 5:15am.  The first two items that will be moved are the flooring and pullup rig.  We are asking members to come during their regular class times and help for at least their regular hour.  If you are able to come and stay longer, the more the merrier.  Here is a moving timeline:

Thursday:  5:15am to 4pm
Friday:  5:15am to 7pm (rough end time)
Saturday:  8am to ?
Sunday:  8am until we are done

We cannot give a timeline about what will be happening at any certain time of day.  We hope to have the flooring and pullup rig completely moved by the end of Thursday, but that depends entirely on manpower.  For example, if we have 8 people at 5:15am on Thursday, we can use 6 to move the flooring and 2 to start taking down the rig.  If we only have 4 people at 5:15am, then those plans will change.  Here is a list of tasks to be completed:

Move Flooring
Move Pullup Rip
Move Equipment
Hang Rings and Rope
Hang White Board
Hang Stereo Shelf
Hang Shirt Rack
Wipe Down Walls
Paint Wallball Lines
Clean Bathrooms
Hang Banners
Set Up New Wallball Shelf

We will have some tools available for use, but are asking handy people to please bring tools with them.  Here is a list of tools we think we will need:

Power Drill
Razor Blades
Tape Measure
Screw Drivers
Ratchet Sets

We wish we had more details to provide.  However, this is our first move and we don’t really know what to expect.  CrossFit prepares us for the unknown and unknowable.  So, come ready to work and we will have work for you to do.  We want to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and support as we prepare for this huge step.

As things change, stay tuned to Facebook or call us at 412-465-0060.

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