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Recap From Murph

May is always focused around the Hero WOD Murph. This year on Memorial Day, May 29th, we had our annual Murph workout, followed by a cookout afterwards. If you are unfamiliar with the workout or the man behind the WOD, here is a description below:

As written, the workout consists of a 1-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats and finishes with another 1-mile run. Each year during the Memorial Day weekend, the CrossFit community comes together to show tribute to Lt. Michael Murphy for his heroic and selfless acts. This workout was one of his favorite WODs that he performed often. He was the Navy SEAL officer in charge of a group of four men sent out on a mission in Asadabad, Afghanistan.

What’s Next?

The heavy lifts for the month of June will be the Deadlift, Bent Over Row and the Clean. The three movements target the full body. The deadlift focuses on the lower body. The bent over row focuses on the upper body. The clean focuses on both the upper and lower body to balance out the three movements. 

The cardio test for June will be the 1,000 meter row. Athletes will test their maximum effort in the beginning of the month. Throughout the month, their will be rowing tests that will help improve athletes form, skillset and cardiovascular system. 

The two benchmark WODs will be Helen and Hidalgo. Helen is a short and fast girl WOD that involves cardio and gymnastics. Hidalgo on the other hand is a longer Hero WOD that will require grit and stamina both physically and mentally.