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As we look back over 2021, what is the one thing consistent among all of our experiences?  We kept moving forward.  It didn’t matter how hard or easy the situation was before us.  Time always moves forward, can’t stop it.  We can grab on to something in the past and fight against time.  We can sit idly by and let time pass.  Or, we can chart a path and navigate our way forward.  Holding on to the past or mindlessly steering the ship is easy.  

These mindsets are safe because they don’t force you to face the uncertainly of the future.  However, if you want to progress toward your goals in life, you must chart your course along the path.

Here’s How To Do It

1.  Draw on Past Experience:  Look forward, never backward.  Make decisions based on what will take you toward your goals.  But, don’t forget your past.  Reflect and learn from your experience. 
2.  Examine the Conditions Before Making Commitments:  Before you make a decision, look at the entire picture.  What are the costs of the your decision.  These costs are more than financial.  What are the emotional and resource costs to the next step?  
3.  Listen to What Others Have to Say:  No matter how experienced you are, you will not have all the answers.  Set your ego aside and gather information from all sources. 
4.  Mare Sure Your Conclusions Represent Both Faith and Fact:  Like we said above, the future is uncertain.  When you are navigating a path toward your goals, you have to maintain a certain level of faith that your decisions will take you to the next level.  However, make sure you see the facts around you as well.  Move forward with your eyes open so you aren’t blindsided.  

Your goals are a new destination, somewhere new to go in life.  You won’t get there mindless wandering.  You need a path, a map.  That’s called reverse engineering.  We talk about that HERE.  This is how you chart your course along that path.