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New T-Shirt Order

There will be a sign up sheet for a new T-Shirt Order at the box this week.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  After a lot of delay with our trial order, we are unhappy with the result.  As such, we have changed companies.  Because of the long wait, we hope to place the order by the end of this week.

We will need the money upfront for this order.  If you want a t-shirt from this next order, please bring $25 in the form of cash or a check (made out to “Bionic Fitness, LLC”) when you sign up.  The sizes run small, so please pick a size accordingly.

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  • DianeD says:

    Can you post pics of the designs and info about sizes and colors? We ordered our shirts at the Open House and that was so long ago that I can’t remember the particulars. I won’t be in the gym this week so I need more info in order to place an order. Thanks.