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Next Graduation Party and Class Attendance

This week is the last week for the Fundamentals Class.  Can’t believe it’s been another month.  With the graduation comes the graduation cookout.  Because of the holiday weekend, we will be moving the party to June 1.  Festivities kick off with a CrossFit workout at 10:00am followed immediately by a cookout.  If you are graduating from Fundamentals, please make an extra effort to be there.  Those who graduated last month, this is your first chance to test your benchmark to see that progress you have made.  Everyone else, come welcome the new CrossFitters into our community.  The cookout is potluck-style.  We will have a sign up sheet next week for people to sign up to bring food and drinks.

Because of the week delay, Fundamentals graduates may join the regular CrossFit class starting on Saturday, May 25th (if you don’t have any makeups).  You may attend 3 CrossFit classes between  May 25th and May 31st.  June 1 will not count as 1 of your 3 classes.

Don’t forget that we will have a special Memorial Day workout at 10:00am on Monday.  That will be the only class offered that day.  All CrossFitters are welcome to come.