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Every month, the coaches at Industrial Athletics nominate the Athlete of the Month. Then, in December, the Athletes of the Month for that past year vote on the Athlete of the Year. This person is considered the liaison member of IA.

This year, the Athletes of the Month for 2021 voted for Nancy Harhai. They chose her because of her consistent dedication to health and fitness. So, we sat down with Nancy to ask questions about her consistency to share with you on The Stronger Revolution Podcast.

During out conversation, Nancy talked about how fitness has been a part of her life for a long time. However, in 2021, she made two big changes. First, she really started to focus on her form. She worked with our coaches in group class to watch her move. She brought new focus to her weaknesses in our Coach’s Corner Program and completed extra homework weekly to address things like tight ankles, a weak upper back, and pullups. And, she had two months of private training sessions to address form and weakness with her major barbell movements.

Second, Nancy started bringing more focus to her diet. Through working with our nutrition coaches, she discovered that her daily protein was too low to support her daily activity. She always thought she ate healthfully, but she didn’t realize how much room she had to grow.

In 2022, Nancy has one goal, to get a pullup. If her dedication in 2021 has demonstrated anything, we are sure she will get it in no time. Also, did you know she was hit by a bus? No, well you will have to listen to the podcast then . . . Also, find out why she says to get out and start your new fitness journey NOW!