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Happy November! We are getting deeper into the holiday season. This month we will be having an internal competition for our athletes. This will be the first competition at IA, (other than the Open), since before the pandemic. This will give athletes an opportunity to compete and test their skills outside of class. The competition will fall on Veteran’s Day this time around. To celebrate the holiday, all of the workouts will be Hero WODs to honor our veterans. This will be a day full of sweaty fun! We hope to see you there, even if you’re not competing. Come and cheer on your fellow athletes!

Recap From October

In October we had our annual Fall Fest the last Saturday of the month. Similar to last year, we had our pumpkin carving contest. We also enjoyed some sweet fall treats during the pumpkin carving contest. Congratulations to Rebecca who ended up winning the contest with her cat pumpkin!

This year, Dallas from B.A.M! Massage joined in on the fun! He is a great partner of ours and it’s always a wonderful time when he visits IA! If you’re interested in hearing more about his services, click the link below.

B.A.M! Massage

Programming Focus For the Month

The heavy lifts for the month will include the Front Squat and the Push Press. Both movements are lifts that we commonly see in class. The front squat focuses on the posterior chain muscle groups. A strong front rack position is critical in increasing weight through the lift. The push press is the second lift in the push series and requires a full body effort, including stability throughout the mid-section.

The gymnastics movement of the month will be Pistols. The pistol is essentially a one leg squat. Have no fear if this sounds intimidating because the pistol has many progressions. The goal is to increase your skillset throughout the month.

The benchmark workouts for the month of November will be Andy and Amanda. Andy is a gritty Hero workout with high volume reps and movements. Amanda is a “Girl WOD” and is a sprint style workout to be completed as quickly as possible.