We Are An Official NCFIT Partner

In 2020, we became the first NCFIT Partner located in Pittsburgh, PA.  We did this to insure that we are constantly growing as a business and fitness professionals.

Biggest Benefits Of Exercise: Industrial Athletics

Our purpose has always been to help you become better individuals.  Over the years, we have taken countless courses, read books, and watched millions of reps in an effort to provide the best possible service.  NCFIT was the next step in providing excellence to those who call Industrial Athletics home.

In 2008, NCFIT was founded by long time CrossFitter, Jason Kalipa.  He to help members live better through fitness.  Like all gyms, NCFIT has been in the trenches of day-to-day gym operations.  The company has successfully opened multiple locations and trained  hundreds of coaches around the world.

As the company grew, it recognized that it also needed to support more coaches, gym owners, and other fitness professionals to do what they loved for a living.  As such, NCFIT began to create programs, courses, standard operating procedures, and other various metrics to train professional and track their growth and progress.

Becoming an NCFIT Partner means we are motivated to raise the bar, to innovate, and adapt to new ways to support you further. Our goal at Industrial Athletics is to never settle, to always strive for the best customer experience, and share everything we know to help you be a better person.