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Open Gym for 2/9/2014

By February 8, 2014No Comments

The first week of February was crazy.  Did you catch everything?  New Kettlebell classes with Primal Fitness, new faces for the Fundamentals Course, yoga classes, etc.  Have you signed up for MindBody yet and started playing with signing up for classes?  Of course, you don’t have to sign up for Open Gym.

With all that is going on, you may need some time to decompress.  Open Gym is perfect.  Come do what you want.  Or maybe, you just want to be social, that’s cool too.  Mary’s Strength Program is in full swing, so you may need to get in your lifts for the week.

Also, for those in the February CrossFit Fundamentals Program, this is your time to make up any missed classes from the week.  If you missed Tuesday/Wednesday’s class, the make up is at 9am.  If you missed Thursday/Friday’s class, you make up is at 10am.