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Open Gym for 8/7/2016

Open Gym is every Sunday from 9am to 11am.  It is your time to come to Industrial Athletics to do what you want.  Need some time to make up a WOD from last week?  Come to Open Gym.

Open Gym is also great to work on personal goals.  Last week, one of the workouts had Ring Dips.  Did you challenge the Proficiency Test?  Do you want to work your way up to Ring Dips?  Open Gym is is great way to work on the skill necessary to achieve them.

Open Gym is also a great time to work on your sprinting skills.  Are you participating in the August Challenge where we are trying to increase our 400m time by 2 seconds.  Come to Open Gym and do the following workout:
3 Rounds for Time:
10 Box Step Ups (45/25)
20 Jumping Squats
10 Med Ball Russian Twists

11:00am – Olympic Lifting with Greene Barbell Club