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Open Gym for 9/28/2014 and Olympic Lifting

By September 27, 2014No Comments

Last night was a blast.  If you were not able to make it, make sure you keep tuned in for the next Industrial Athletics outing.  They never fail to be a good time.  Life will be normal for the first few weeks of October.  Then, we will be having our Halloween party on October 25th.  It will be as costume party and as this point, we are planning to have it in the Cafe in the building.  Also, if you did not make it to dinner, make sure you stay tuned for the “Get to Know” challenge.  Those who play the challenge and attend the Halloween party will have a chance to win some prizes.

Today is Open Gym.  That means you can come to Industrial Athletics and do what you want.  We tell you what to do all week, so Sundays is your time to pick you own poison.  Open Gym is always great for trying something new, doing a WOD you missed/wanted to try, or seeing us test some WODs before you see them in regular class.

11:00am – Olympic Lifting with Dustin Greene.