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Open Gym and Olympic Lifting for 3/29/2015

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the 2 Year Anniversary Party.  We had a blast spending time with friends and eating good food.  Can’t wait to see what year 3 brings.

Today is Open Gym.  That means Industrial Athletics is open to our members to come do what they want.  Did you miss “The Fundamentals” wod yesterday?  Open Gym is the perfect time to do it.  Do you need some extra help with a particular movement? Open Gym is a great time to get that one-on-one attention.

As we leave March and enter April, we will see shift in programming.  We will be adding short runs throughout the month to ease us back into using running for cardio.  This coming week, we will see Box jumps, rowing, muscle ups, double unders, and more.

11:00am – Olympic Lifting with Greene Barbell Club