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Open Gym, but no Olympic Lifting for 5/31/2015

Thank you to everyone who made the trek down to CrossFit U-Town yesterday to cheer us on.  Your enthusiasm was greatly appreciated as we fought hard through each WOD.

Today is Open Gym.  This is your chance to come to Industrial Athletics and do what you want.  Did you see a WOD at the competition yesterday that you want to try?  Come try it yourself, or get a group of fellow Industrial Athletics members together and give it a shot.  Do you need help with those nasty double unders?  There will be a coach on duty to lend some valuable advice.  Are you just not quite understanding how to snatch?  Open Gym is a great environment for us to break down the movement into its individual parts and retrain some bad habits you may have developed.

As we enter June, we will continue with our squatting and pressing strength movements.  Our runs will continue to grow in length as well as we develop our long distance endurance in the warmer weather.

11:00am – Olympic Lifting with Greene Barbell Club is cancelled for today.