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Open Gym and Olympic Lifting for 6/7/2015

Open Gym, the perfect time to come to Industrial Athletics to do what you want.  Do you want more squats?  Come to Open Gym?  Were you inspired by the mobility work this past week and want more?  Come to Open Gym.  Do you need some help on those pesky double unders?  Come to Open Gym.  We can’t hit everything CrossFit has to offer in a 6 days time span, so Open Gym is your chance to come to do what you want.  It is open to all Industrial Athletics members.  You can even bring friend or family before the community day on June 20th to learn about CrossFit and what we have to offer.

This coming week, Muscle up come back into the programming.  We will also see more cleans, running, and snatches.

11:00am – Olympic Lifting with Greene Barbell Club