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Open Gym and Olympic Lifting for 8/2/2015

The first Open Gym in August of 2015 is here.  It is also the day following the 2015 Summer Showdown.  Thank you so much for all of our members who took time our of their busy schedules to come cheer us on.  We knew you were there and it helped push us even harder.

Open Gym is your chance to come to Industrial Athletics to do your own thing.  Did you see a WOD yesterday that you want to try?  Find a partner and come on in.  Did you miss a heavy day last week?  Come find your 1 rep max at Open Gym.  Open Gym is also a great time to bring your friends and family to see what CrossFit is all about.  We offer a free 1 hour intro that demonstrates what new people can expect from what we do on a daily basis.

11:00am – Olympic Lifting with Greene Barbell Club.