Get a Week Free When You Sign Up!!!

Free???  That’s right!!!  When you sign up for a personal training package with us, we will give you your first week for Free!!!


We take personal training really seriously at Industrial Athletics.  We pride ourselves on giving you a ton of personal attention to help you reach your goals.  Therefore, we can’t take everyone.  There are only 8 spots available!  So, reach out today.  These spots will go quickly.

Personalized Workouts

You have your own fitness goals.  Anyone can sell you a general fitness program.  However, when you are receiving personal training, we want to make sure that we are able to maximize your results by understanding your goals and designing the best program tailored for you!

Getting You Out of Pain

As we age, and get more sedentary, we get less mobile.  Then, we start to develop little aches and pains like knee pain, low back pain, shoulder pain.  One of the biggest benefits to exercise as you age is to get you out of pain.  We do that by focusing on where you are weak or tight.  We will help fix your pain.


Let’s face it, sometimes we just need someone to hold us accountable to tell us what to do.  That’s one of the best kept secrets of personal training.  Because you are working so closely with your own coach, your accountability to actually stick with a fitness program that will change your life goes sky high!

Find Out if Personal Training is Right for You and Claim Your Spot!

3 Steps:  1. Schedule a Time Below 2. Talk With Your Coach 3. Get started!

Still not ready?

What are you waiting for?  It’s just you and a your coach.
Why are we giving away a free week?  Simple, in everything we do, we believe in building better people.  This is the easiest way we can do this right now.
All we ask, is that you make the commitment to living a healthier lifestyle and let us show you the way.