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Prepare for the Holiday Season

By September 15, 2021No Comments

I was talking with a member the other day who became surprised when he discovered it was September.  “Oh boy, the holidays are right around the corner,” he said.  I could see the realization that Thanksgiving and cookies are coming up wash over him.  Also, in case you haven’t noticed, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING is back.  

It’s Time to Prepare

Knowing that our food intake is automatically going to increase over the next 3.5 months, and our schedules are going to get busier with parties and family obligations, now is the time to prepare. “If you want peace, prepare for war!”  How do we do that?  

Set a Goal

First, set a goal.  If you could plan your perfect life through the end of 2021, what would it look like?  How many times per week do you want to work out?  What do you want your diet to look like?  The more specific you get, the better.  The best goals are measurable.  “I don’t want to overeat at every party,” is a good goal.  “I don’t want to gain weight by the end of the year,” is more measurable.  “I want to keep working out,” is good.  “I want to workout at least three times per week,” is better.  

Make a Plan

Next, create your plan.  What do you need to do every month, every week, and every day to accomplish your goal?  The best plans are trackable.  If you want to workout three times per week, get a calendar on which you can mark every day you workout.  This gives you a great visual of your progress to reach your goal.  This is what we do in our Coach’s Corner program.  We help you create a plan to reach your goals. 

Be Accountable

Third, be accountable to your goal.  You will never achieve your goals if you don’t feel accountable to yourself or someone else.  Motivation will get you started.  Accountability will keep you going.  Maybe you tell a friend who has the same goals.  The two of you can keep each other accountable.  It might be a good time to start one private training session each week.  There is no higher level of accountability in fitness than having a personal trainer.  Even when your schedule gets rough over the next few months, you will show up to a private session knowing your coach is waiting for you. 

Start NOW

Finally, start now.  The best routines are created when you don’t need them.  We aren’t in the holidays yet.  So, get started establishing new habits.  You may not feel a sense of urgency yet.  And that’s the time to start. 

Hit reply to this email to share your goal with us.  We can help redefine your goal to have a measurable outcome.  We can help you come up with that plan.  We can even help you stay accountable.  This is the definition of a coach.