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Pullups, Box Jumps, and HSPUs for 1/24/2017

By January 23, 2017One Comment

Don’t forget that registration link for Gaynor’s School of Cooking will post tomorrow at noon on Facebook.

There is a local CrossFit Competition this Saturday in Ohio.  We have 4 teams going.  It will be an all day event.  Here is the address:

Team BSS Training & Fitness 730 Bev Rd, Boardman, Ohio 44512

Want to participate in our Intramural CrossFit Open Team Competition?  Make sure you register at the gym.  Registration costs $5 and will close on January 31.  RX and Scaled division will be available.

Are you participating in this month’s Deadlift challenge?  Today is your chance to test your 1 rep PR.  Let’s see if we can add 5 lbs.  If you came to the CFE earlier this month, don’t forget that tense body position you learned.

CrossFit Alloy WOD for 1/24/2017:

Deadlift Test:
15 Min to Find 1 Rep

AMRAP 12 Min:
10 Pullups
8 Box Jumps (30/24)
6 Handstand Pushups

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  • Scaling:

    Platinum: As written above.

    AMRAP 12 Min:
    7 Pullups
    8 Box Jumps (24/20)
    4 Handstand Pushups (1 ab mat)

    AMRAP 12 Min:
    7 Jumping Pullup Negatives
    6 Box Jumps (24/20)
    4 Piked Handstand Pushups

    AMRAP 12 Min:
    7 Ring Rows
    6 Box Jumps (20/short box)
    4 DB Shoulder Press