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Quality Over Quantity In Life

Do you remember when you were growing up and getting something new was the best thing ever?  I would obsess over some toy I saw on TV.  I would beg my parents to go to Toys “R” Us and practically run to the aisle where I thought the toy would be.  Once there, if it was on the shelf, I would let out a big, “YES!”  I would play with the toy constantly and take it with me everywhere.  That is, until the newness wore off, or I got a new toy.  

Quantity Does Not Breed Happiness

Today, that new toy might be something like a new phone, new car, or new piece of technology.  I remember sharing excitement last week with a private training client.  He was pumped over getting a new iPhone.  I was pumped over getting a new accessory for my iPad.  However, because of experience, I knew my “happiness” was short lived.  

Do you find that your happiness lies within the excitement of newness, or with the constant desire to get more?  Do you ever say, “I NEED to go shopping,” or feel the desire to just buy something new?  

Over the last few years, I’ve been making a concerted effort to cut back on my drive for consumerism.  I used to love buying the newest iPad or iPhone.  Now, I resist the urge and remind myself that I bought a quality piece of technology that will last me years.  

Focus on Quality

Quality over quantity is a common phrase.  It means quantity will never make us happy.  My mom used to say, “Lot’s of anything isn’t good for you.”  Lots of friends, clothes, gadgets; these won’t truly make you feel fulfilled.  What matters is the quality of what you have, not the quantity.  

Often times, what we need and the quality of what we have are synonymous. We need clothes to survive. We don’t need a dresser stuffed with more clothes than we can wear in a week. It is better to buy less clothing that is quality made and will last a long time than it is to buy tons and tons of cheap t-shirts. We get plates of pasta that have no nutritional value. We pay more for food made with quality ingredients that have nutrients we need for health.

Focus on the quality you can get for your dollar, not how far you can stretch your dollar. For more of a discussion on our hierarchy of needs, check out our podcast episode here: