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Reevaluate the Small Things

By November 13, 2020No Comments

On this episode of The Stronger Revolution, we talk about the need and importance of reevaluating what you are doing to reach your goals.

In the past, I have covered how to pair your goals down into daily or weekly tasks.  It is through these tasks that we advance 1% everyday toward our goals.  However, sometimes, we need to take another look at those tasks to see if we can do something different . . . something better.

I was reminded of the importance of reevaluating recently when I hired a new business coach.  As part of my business review, we talked about content creation and advertising.  When this podcast came up, I expressed my desire to post more, and my frustration at not doing so.  My business coach made a few suggestions that involved a complete change in podcast theme.  However, during our discussion, I had a paradigm shift and realized I could combine the two ideas.  I could follow my coach’s suggestion while maintaining the theme of this podcast.  The result is more episodes, but shorter episode that are easier to prepare, easier to listen to, and possibly more applicable to the life of my listeners.

Without the chance to revaluate what I am doing through my coach, I likely would never had experienced the realization I did.  I was really focused on the big picture of this podcast and neglected to look at the small things.  This reminded me of a daily entry in the “Daily Stoic:”  Sweat the Small Things.  That doesn’t mean worry yourself to death about all of the small things you don’t control in your life.  On the contrary, it means to sweat the details of all of the small things you are doing in life.  Focus fully on what you are doing and do it with excellence.  If you do the small things with excellence, the big things will easily fall into place.

So, how do you reevaluate?  For starters, now that you are aware of the need to do so, list out the tasks you do each day or week to accomplish your goals.  Next, try to take a neutral view of that task and consider if there is a “better” way to do it. A great way to do this is to find someone else for a second opinion.  This could be a mentor, coach, friend, spouse, parent, etc.

If you are doing things every day to reach your goals, that’s fantastic.  Take time this week to reevaluate what you are doing.  There is nothing wrong with trying to find a better way to do it.