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Reminder: April Membership Fees

It’s almost April.  Hopefully, that means warmer and drier weather.  We have missed our 500m runs and road sprints during the frigid winter months.  Warmer weather also means outdoor warmups in the sun.  This April will also see heavier metcons and a change in heavy lifting. Finally, the first weekend in April marks our 1 yr anniversary.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to make Industrial Athletics a success.

But, before you can enjoy the programming and our celebration at Industrial Athletics, the home of CrossFit Alloy, you need to sign up for a monthly membership.  We offer three monthly membership options:  3 Days at week for $100, unlimited days a week for $135, and unlimited couples membership for $215.

There are 3 options for paying:  Cash, check (made out to “Bionic Fitness, LLC”), and credit card through MindBody Online.  If you don’t have an online account with MindBody yet, follow our links, options, and instructions on our Membership Page.

We had a lot of people join us in March.  We hope to see you all in April.  If you see a new face around Industrial Athletics, be sure you introduce yourself and welcome him/her to our wonderful community.