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Reminder: March CrossFit Fundamentals Course starts tomorrow

Remember, we are making big changes to the CrossFit Fundamentals Course at Industrial Athletics in March. For starters, the Course will now be 5 classes long, as opposed to 8. Each of the 5 classes will last about an hour. The Fundamentals members will finish the course in almost half the time.

Secondly, the Fundamentals Course will now meet 3 days a week. The March CrossFit Fundamentals Course will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6am and 5:30pm. The Fundamentals Course will be complete in a week and a half. For the rest of the month, every person who completes the Fundamentals Course will be able to join the regular CrossFit Class for a 3 times a week membership.

Finally, the evening CrossFit Fundamentals class will move from 6pm to 5:30pm.

If you have wanted to try CrossFit, this is the way to get started. Get you life on the road to better fitness faster than ever.

As always, the course will cost $100. All you have to do is register with MindBody and reserve your spot.

Make up classes will continue to be on Sundays at 9am and 10am.