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Reopening Industrial Athletics


With recent announcements from Governor Wolf, Allegheny County will soon be progressing toward a reopening of small businesses.  We don’t have an exact timeline for reopening. However, we think it is time to start looking at what reopening is going to look like.  Please keep in mind that some of these details may bend and mold as we get closer to the opening date.

As the actual reopening date arrives, we will release a more detail standard operating procedure via email.

Reopening Generally

We will not be reopening as we closed.  Class times will be different.  Classes sizes will be different.  The procedure you are used to when you arrive at the gym will be different.  We will do everything we can to give our members as much of the IA experience they are used to.  This post is designed to give you an idea of what the “new normal” will look like when we are given the green light to open our doors.

Classes and Class Sizes

In the beginning, we will be offering frequent classes throughout the day.  Class times will be spaced one hour apart.  Within this hour, we will warm up, work out, tear down, and leave within 45 minutes.  The coaches will then take 15 minutes to clean prior to the start of the next class.  Right now, we are planning on class times Monday through Friday based on this rough schedule:  5:15am, 6:15am, 7:15am, 9am, 11am, noon, 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm.  Saturday classes and Sunday classes are still be determined.  Class sizes will be limited to 5-6 people and everyone will be required to register on Wodify before arriving to class.

There will be no open gym times, no additional classes,  and no availability for extra work.  Members will be asked not to congregate in the gym to socialize before or after classes.

Arriving Before Class

When you arrive to the gym to attend your class, please remain in your car, or outside, until 5 minutes prior to your class time.  At 5 minutes before your class time, you will enter the gym through our main door.  At that time, the on-duty coach will take your temperature via an infrared thermometer.   Assuming your temperature is in normal ranges, you will proceed to the Community area.  Members will be asked to look at the workout prior to arrival and only bring items needed for that workout.  We will try to avoid leaving large bags and other items in the Community area.  You will then proceed to a restroom to wash your hands.

If you do not feel well, or are experiencing any symptoms of illness, you will be asked to stay at home.

Class Layout 

Upon reentering the gym with clean heands, the coach will direct you to your workout spot.  The gym will be set up in a grid or stations configuration.  We will be taping off workout areas.  Within your workout area, you will have everything you need to workout for that day.  The coach will take the class through a warmup, workout, and cashout as we would before we closed.  At the end of the workout, athletes will be released one at a time to go to a restroom and wash hands, gather items, and leave the gym.

What About Masks and Social Distancing

We will ask members to continue to wear masks as required by our government.  We will not require the use of masks by coaches or members once arriving to the gym or while working out.  If you feel the need to wear a mask, please do so.

We will social distance as much as possible.  The gym will be set up to maximize the number of class participants while maintaining social distancing as we are required to do so.

As regulations continue to relax, and we move further away from COVID-19 issues, we will continue to add spaces to classes.  We will also continue to relax some of these strict procedures as we feel safe to do so.  If you have any questions regarding these procedure, please reach out to us.