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Rowing, Step Ups, and DU’s for 10/9/2017

It is the second week of October.  We have a new group of Fundamentals Graduates.  Make sure you introduce yourself to the new faces in class.

Also, if you ordered new IA clothing, we will be placing the order very soon.  If you signed up, but did not bring us cash, we will be hitting your card for the purchase.

Industrial Athletics WOD for 10/9/2017

E2MOM 10 Min:
3, 3, 3, 3, 3 (85%)

For Time:
Row 2000m
50 Box Step Ups (45lbs/25lbs) (24/20)
300 Double Unders

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  • Scaling:

    Platinum: As written above.

    For Time:
    Row 2000m
    40 Box Step Ups (45lbs/25lbs) (24/20)
    200 Double Unders

    For Time:
    Row 2000m
    40 Box Step Ups (25lbs/15lbs) (24/20)
    150 Double Unders or 450 Single Unders

    For Time:
    Row 1500m
    40 Box Step Ups (25lbs/15lbs) (20/short box)
    300 Single Unders