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September 2015 CrossFit Fundamentals Program

The September 2015 CrossFit Fundamentals Program will begin on August 31st.  

Enrollment is open for the September 2015 CrossFit Fundamentals Program.  As the best way to start CrossFit, our Fundamentals Program introduces you to the basic movements we use during our regular CrossFit Class.  Through 5 classes, each lasting 1 hour, you are provided with individual attention and instruction on movements standards, form, and proper range of motion.  Each class warms you up, introduces 3-4 movements, and then provides a brief workout reinforcing those movements.

The classes are offered at 6am and 5:30pm on Monday/Wednesday/Friday of the first week, and Monday/Wednesday of the second week.  Each participant must complete all 5 classes in order.  You may attend at either 6am or 5:30pm.  Once you have completed all 5 classes, you may join our Regular CrossFit class for the remainder of September on a 3-day a week pass for no additional charge.

To get signed up and reserve your spot, head over to our “Getting Started” page: Spots will fill up quickly, so don’t delay.  If you have any questions, give us a call at 412-465-0060.