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September Fundamentals Graduation

By September 20, 2013No Comments

We are close to graduating September’s Fundamentals Class.  Our new athletes look great and we can’t wait to have them join our regular CrossFit class.  But, first, they have to graduate.  Unfortunately, September is a super busy month for everyone.  As such, our regular workout and cookout just isn’t feasible and won’t be happening for September (big plans for October).

What we will do is have a “special” evening class next Friday, September 27.  Friday evening classes are at 5:30pm.  Because all Fundamentals athletes will be graduated by that point, they will be welcome to join the regular WOD at 5:30pm.  After the WOD, we will have some kind of social get together.  The social get together will be either drink and finger foods at Industrial Athletics, or we will be heading out to a local bar/pub/restaurant.

If you are not able to make it to the WOD, we still encourage you to attend the social event.  More details will come next week.