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Most of our marketing and advertising is directed toward helping people achieve their fitness goals. That’s what we do. We provide a coaching service. It isn’t enough for us to give someone a general workout even if we think it will improve their fitness. You come to Industrial Athletics because you have a goal in mind. You want to see something change. Even members in our general class receive special attention from us to help achieve a goal.

Dayle Hall was a perfect example of this when she walked into IA for the first time. She came with a specific goal. She wanted to get better at hiking. That’s perfect!!! After all, what is your fitness worth if you can’t express it in your everyday life?

For Dayle, we went to work with her goal in mind. She completed our Fundamentals Program, continued with some one-on-ones, and hit the ground running (perhaps we should say hiking) when she started in our CrossFit class. She stayed focused on her goal. We stayed focused on her goal by helping her improve her fitness through proper form and proper range of motion.

So, did she achieve her goal? Well, you will need to listen to her podcast interview for that answer!