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Through the Stronger Revolution Podcast, we try to demonstrate how to improve your life by 1% percent everyday. It is called the Aggregation of Marginal Gains, and we believe is the best path to reaching your goals. Often times, we set big goals and then try to take too many actions too quickly to reach those goals. The impact on our life is not sustainable. We fall away from our goals, become discouraged, and move on to new goals. These new goals are shiny and exciting. We start the process all over and end up in an endless cycle of never actually getting where we want to be.

However, the Aggregation of Marginal Gains provides us a better path to goal achievement. Instead of focusing on one big goal, like deadlifting 175#, we focus on small steps. We set the goal, but then break it down into small parts that are easily achievable. Then, each day, we focus on taking that small step. One step leads to another and then another and then another. Before we know it, we actually achieved our goal and we are setting a new one.

In the latest episode of the Stronger Revolution, we sat down with our Athlete of the Month for October 2022. We heard in real time how Julia found Industrial Athletics. She wasn’t seeing the results she wanted at her regular gym. She wasn’t reaching her goals. So, she talked with a friend. That was baby step one. Then, she joined Industrial Athletics, a gym dedicated to helping members focus on and achieve goals. That was step two. Next, she embraced the services we have to offer. She started to see progress toward her goals and kept going.

Did Julia ever reach her goals? Well, for that answer, you will have to listen to her interview.