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Snatch Practice for 6/28/2018

Today’s WOD is similar to one we did in May.  May 29th to be exact.  It is a high skill WOD designed to help you with your squat snatch.  Don’t forget, skill WODs should not exceed 75-80% of your max effort.

We are breaking down the snatch into 3 pieces.  You will start with the overhead squat.  Take a few minutes to find a heavy weight.  After a few sets, you will use that overhead squat to practice pushing yourself below the barbell with a snatch balance.  You will finish by adding the first part of the hand squat snatch to get the barbell moving . You will then use the technique from the snatch balance to push below the barbell, and the skill of the overhead squat, to catch the barbell in a low position.

Industrial Athletics WOD for 6/28/2018:

E2MOM 6 Min:
Overhead Squats
5, 5, 5 (75%)
3 Min to find 3 rep Snatch Balance
E2MOM 6 Min:
Snatch Balance
3, 3, 3
3 Min to warm up HS Snatch
E2MOM 6 Min:
HS Snatch
1, 1, 1 (75-80% of max snatch)