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Snatch Work for 5/1/2017

It is the first day of May, 2017.  That means Murph is only 1 month away.  Keep in mind that the programming will continue to get us ready.  Mark your calendars for May 29th.

Today is also the start of our May Fundamentals Program.  If you see a new face, be sure to introduce yourself and welcome the new members into our IA Family.

Today’s WOD is all about the Snatches.  For the Snatch Pulls, we are working on an explosive vertical bar path with an emphasis on proper triple extension.  We will then apply that explosive pull to our hang power and hang squat snatches.

Industrial Athletics WOD for 5/1/2017:

EMOM 5 Min:
3 Snatch Pulls (105%)
Rest 5 Min
EMOM 8 Min:
1 HP Snatch (75%)
1 HS Snatch